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dachi is passionate about delivering an authentic Asian snack and beverage experience to students, faculty, and staff.

You need to see the lines to believe them!

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dachi was born…

In a classroom at UCLA Anderson, when four business school students and friends came together to launch an offering that would serve the Asian American community. Since then, dachi has gone on to become a campus-wide phenomenon, with its innovative design, unique product mix, and friendly student interaction. Not to mention that a percentage of all proceeds are donated to the Stop AAPI Hate organization.

Don’t think of us like a traditional vending machine company. We don’t want to replace your existing offering.

Our value add and aim is to provide a sense of belonging to students, and to deliver nostalgia and novelty to your campus.

We offer seamless campus integration, clean and well-stocked machines, and easy customer service. Not to mention, special dachi-only products that celebrate AAPI holidays and school specific events.

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