Who We Are



Welcome to dachi! 

Our name is short for friend in Japanese. And we aim to be Your Ultimate Snack Companion. 

Here at dachi, we believe that snacking is one of the most accessible (and delicious) ways to nurture friendships, broaden horizons, and make the world feel just a little bit more connected. So our goal is to curate thoughtful collections of Asian snacks and beverages that foster novel discovery and nostalgic comfort. 

We know there are so many ways to munch! That's why our offerings range from high-tech vending machines, to exclusive holiday packs, to E-Commerce... and why munch alone! When you're feeling lonely, our characters will be there to keep you company in plushie form. 

Nothing delights us more than when excited customers approach us, sharing how dachi makes them feel seen, heard, and valued. After all, this is our mission day in, and day out:

To Unite Our World Through The Joy Of Snacks 

 That's it. Plain and simple.

We hope you'll join us on our quest for friendship, food, and belonging.