Meet Tomo and Friends


Hometown – Ehime  

Tomo is a simple tanuki with two loves: friends and food. But make no mistake, he’s curious as all heck – ready to circle the globe in search of the best noms.


Hometown – Taipei

Lili is that ride-or-die friend who never fails to hype you up. A true girl’s girl. She has a 12 step skincare routine and always comes dressed to impress.


Hometown – Los Angeles

Chad is your trusted gentle giant, golden retriever bro friend. He’ll try anything (once) and attends all your slam poetry performances with a massive cut-out of your head.


Hometown – Mumbai

Anju was voted most likely to unlock the true meaning of life in high school. She’s lowkey psychic, having predicted exactly how she’d meet her girlfriend (whilst hiking, classic).


Hometown – Jakarta

Bima goes hardcore, or not at all. Music? Blast it. Coffee? Quintuple espresso. Smoking? Just carrots, thanks, but bring a bundle. Step aside and let the code master work.


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