Meet Tomo


Your Ultimate Snack Companion. 

Because snacking with friends makes our world go round!

Here in the dachi family, Tomo is kind of our self-identified spirit animal. A fun-loving and delightful Tanuki (Japanese red raccoon), who adores the simple pleasures of life: eating, napping, and being with friends. 

But just like us, he has a singular passion. To find and bring you the best possible noms out there. So whether he's busy in the kitchen, developing his signature golden almond cookie, making appearances on vending machines and gift boxes, or hosting a multi-course Friendsgiving just 'cause, if it's in the pursuit of snacks - you can bet Tomo is blazing the way.

Along with the help of his trusty friends Lili the Panda and Chad Tigerson, Tomo has embarked on the journey of a lifetime. 

We invite you to follow their adventures on @dachifriends